Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Half way through the week ...

Well, we're at Wednesday. I'm not heading into work tonight because we had some torrential downpours this morning. Yes, we have a covered ring ... however, that does NOT keep out mud, wind, lightning, and wet horses. Considering I only had 3 people today ... I rescheduled for Saturday! Also, with gas prices over $3.50 a gallon, it's nice to save my hour long one-way trip.

I am sore from not riding for a week! Monday, I had a nice hack in the ring; used his waterford, and rode a lovely w/t/c. Tracking right, I actually dropped my stirrups and did a nice collected sitting trot to a canter. His upward transitions are feeling SO nice; much more organized. Ended up popping over the outside line of cabinet to small cav stack jump. Trotted in/cantered out in a 5. Actually felt GREAT over the trot jump (since we ALL know Jen can NOT trot jumps;)), and the 5 felt super. Decided to canter in and get the step. He got it, but he got REALLY fast. Which ... he IS a jumper, so where do you draw the line? I feel like he needs to be SLOW and CONSISTENT before I "allow" him to be "fast".

Cantered in again with the intention of getting the stride, and he basically RAN through my aids; so I snatched him up and circled him. Came again, moved up early so the 4 was there, and it felt much better. Kept cantering, and cantered the add, he got it well, so let him quit.

Yesterday, I did my 8/2 trot/canter sets. He was a little bit spooky. In his defense, it was SUPER windy, cloudy, and fairly brisk. Even when he is a little spook monster, I always feel so safe on him. I never worry about him spinning out from under me. LOVE my little muffin:)

As above mentioned, today has been a total deluge with flash floods and a bit of thunder, so I just cleaned stalls, bought groceries, and came home. The rest of the week is supposed to have a warming trend with BEAUTIFUL weather this weekend, which is good because I'm planning to bring Nicole and meet up with Marisa at the LOVELY Calimar Farm on Sunday, woo hoo! It will be our first xc outing since the Oxer Farm show in December. Yay! SO happy:) Planning to do a dressage school tomorrow, maybe a little jumping on Friday in prep for Sunday. Super excited, can't wait!!!:)

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