Thursday, March 31, 2011


It was super wet again, so I went in and re-arranged the jumps. My honorary little sis, Nicole, would be proud of the fact that I actually did go in and set an oxer. Oxers are NOT my favorite jump ... don't know why, it's just a fact. Even at 2'6, it just looks MASSIVE:) Did exactly as I said; set a vertical, 9' to a pole, 9' to the oxer, 2 strides to the coop vertical. The plan was to do it once off each lead doing the 1 to the 2, then once off each lead doing the 2 to the 1.

Still, when I shortened my reins, the baby didn't try and jig off, yay!!:) Trot was nice; made sure he was nice and deep through his neck, and was really using that engine behind. Trotted through the cavs, and he was steady, but a little hollow. Went through a few more times and he kept his shape a little better. Picked up a lovely canter, then cantered into them ... YES! He was PERFECT:) ba bum, ba bum, ba bum, held the left lead and everything! Left lead was so good, I halted, patted him, and rewarded him with a long rein. Reversed, came through on the right, got a smidge long, so came through again, was a smidge short, so came in one more time and nailed it. It wasn't as beautiful as on the left, but it was still pretty damn good.

Cantered in on the left lead RIGHT next to the first half of the triple, and angled in to jump the coop. He felt nice and bold, but very rateable. Came in right lead, angled in, and he was perfect again:) So, no procrastinating! Picked up the left lead, cantered into the vertical, bounced over the pole and FLEW over the oxer, then 2 even strides and out over the coop. He was SO round, WOWZA! I popped up over all 3 jumps, but didn't hit him in the face or back. Patted, came in right, and he SNAPPED his knees over every jump again. Made myself stay down a little better this time, and it felt remarkably steady and even. Left lead into the coop; he was perfect. The 2 was RIGHT there, and of course the 1 was the littlest bit short, as to be expected. Last time off the right lead; he was bold and confident, and STILL jumped the snot out of every jump:) The pole did it's job, and held him off the vertical nicely, causing extreme roundness:)

So wish I'd had a camera person to snap some pics! He just felt like a rock star, and jumped really, really beautifully. I was most pleased that he stretched and made the stride without being quick. I feel like we made some excellent progress this week. The thing I love most about my boy is his capacity to learn and retain. I just hope I can continue to do the right thing and keep him moving forward all the way on up to Training level:):)

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