Friday, March 25, 2011

Rain, rain, and more rain ...

Total bummer ... hunter pace is postponed until next Saturday:( Which is definitely a pain because I successfully rescheduled all my people for Sunday, and the hippotherapy lady isn't doing any sessions this Sunday. Next weekend, I will have to attempt to reschedule ... again:( Supposedly there's rain coming in tonight around midnight, and there are awful T Storms supposed to come in tomorrow. I guess time will tell.

In the meantime, little muffin survived a solid week of dressage! Wednesday and Thursday were pretty good days:) Wednesday I kept pretty "easy" because my muscles were SORE from our ride on Tuesday! I figured if I was had worked so hard, I was sore, Tiki HAD to be sore, too. So I walked for a good, long time (yakking on the phone), then did some nice trot and canter, pretty much just straight around the ring. Trot felt great; big, forward ... upward transitions were awesome. Once again, the call of the lead change called to me, and I practiced some changes. He got every one clean; stayed MUCH slower this time. I didn't end up 'perching' this time; because his canter was so nice and light, I was able to keep my shoulders back, and my seat SITTING. I quit after he gave me a lovely, light right to left change BEFORE a corner:)

Yesterday, he was just a hair resistive. I had to work a little harder to get him to come down into the contact. He was just a little bit lazier, so I made sure to keep my leg on and my shoulders over my hips. He felt a little stiff in the bridle, so I worked the "thread the needle" exercise. Circle, reverse, circle, reverse. Repeat, repeat. I had to work extra hard to make sure that I didn't let him slow down since we were doing so much 'non forward' work. Stayed on some 20 m circles and did t/c/t/c transitions. Woo Hoo, they were awesome! I then did straightaway t/c transitions, and really watched his head. Occasionally he will hollow his back and give a little head toss during both the upward and downward transition. Tried to keep him between the hand and leg, and did a pretty good job. Worked my canter cues; picked up BOTH the lead and the counter lead. He had about a 90% success rate, which is pretty good! I was happy. Called it quits on a lovely, soft upward t/c transition, then came to a halt. He didn't try and yank me down, so I was super happy.

Today, I just longed because I FINALLY got to go to my chiro yesterday, YAY! My back was so seriously out, I've been sore, so I didn't want to jar things too much by riding today. Did things a little different; longed in a halter and his surcingle. He looked good. Made him do some t/c transitions, which is tough for him. I guess I'll put up the dressage saddle for a few days, and do some hacking out next week. I will probably jump on Monday (or the first day it quits raining!). Trot sets, and probably one day of "field dressage". Hills, then the hunter pace will be here for REAL!

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