Monday, July 25, 2011

Deciding to add a "feature" to the blog:)

So, I think a cool weekly thing to do would be to feature a "Tip of the Week". Whether it's a money saving thing, or a grooming tip, or a riding tip ... if you would be interested in sharing with everyone your cool Tip, just shoot me an e-mail;

Today's Tip of the Week:
Instead of spending $$ on fancy anti-bacterial medicated horse shampoo to clear up skin funk, spend $3.48 at Target or Wal Mart and buy the big refill of anti bacterial hand soap (the "off brand"). Works just as effectively (especially when followed up by an application of Shapley's MTG) and saves oddles of $$.:)

Last week was a total loss in terms of exercise. Tiki had his 2 missing shoes put on Monday, and even as late as Friday STILL looked gimpy trotting across the pasture:( Not that I had the time or energy to ride him anyway. So, gave him the weekend, and took a look at what I had today. FINALLY, I saw a sound horse:) Very glad I opted to longe him today instead of hop on and go for a hack like I'd considered. He was bucking and squealing like a wild man, lol. Once I could finally get him to show me a nice trot and quit bucking, he looked nice and even both ways. Not sure I can squeeze in a ride tomorrow or Wednesday, because I will be auditing (and envying) honorary little sis in her Greg Best clinic she's riding in. Hopefully I will come away with a few useful pearls I can use for the Muffin, and get back to it full swing on Thursday. I think I will skip the xc schooling this week. Neither Tiki nor I are fit at all, it is still dangerously hot, and we can go up there ANY time. I think instead, I will try and ride in a Gigi Nutter clinic next week; I think we can be ready for that in time:)

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