Tuesday, July 5, 2011

^Insert clever title here^

Haha, I'm just not that creative at coming up with good, eye catching titles! Oh well, I guess my talents lie elsewhere. Had a MUCH better ride on the muffin today. Had a little more sympathy leading him into the washrack today, and even though he was a little booger eyed, he was fine going in. I just took my time and didn't slam around in there, and he had no issues. Tacked up in the dressage saddle again, and carted up the longe line to get out any "zoomies". Footing was GREAT since we had a nice rain shower yesterday.

Absolutely NO zoomies. I could barely get him to GO on the longe line:) I'm pretty sure he was in last night, too, so good on him. Hopped on, and stood straight up in my stirrups to get in my heel a little more than I have been lately. No spurs today. He felt simply divine. I'm so proud of him for figuring out the whole "contact" concept. I'm sure it helps that I've pretty much stopped just dropping him, and I keep my leg on more consistently. He felt nice and light and relaxed; a little stiff in the neck, which is totally normal. Got him to loosen up his jaw and relax the neck a little by flexing his head back and forth. I've figured out where the LONG reins have been coming from. I have short arms. When I get "in the backseat" for dressage, I HAVE to have longer reins so I can still bend my elbows. I just need to get a *little* more forward for my jumping, and it will be easier to keep my reins shorter.

I did my "thread the needle" exercise with a twist; instead of reversing through a half turn, I reversed with a half turn in reverse. This was cool for him; went back and forth until I felt him loosen up even more, then cantered the short side from a sitting trot. Beautiful upward transition, nice downward, and he felt right on the same wavelength as me. Half turn in reverse, then a canter on the short side on the right lead, and it was pretty much identical to the left lead. GOOD BOY. My plan was lots of trot work, VERY LITTLE canter, and all worked out well.

Tomorrow ... don't know! CC saddle maybe. Want to do a lovely pole course, but I don't want to rush it. Maybe I'll work on MY fitness tomorrow and spend some time in 2-point and with no stirrups. Will work some more/longer canter work on Thursday, then probably the pole course on Friday. I've got a hankering to go watch the xc at Chatt Hills on Sunday ... just have to convince the hubby to let me go with no guilt trip!

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