Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A week of work, work, work ...

Sigh. Just working my tail off during this last and FINAL week of camp! Sadly, Muffin went the entire weekend with no shoes. Monday he finally got a pedi, and yesterday he was uber tender footed. Today he looked a little better but still tight and short strided. Therefore, I am not stressing about not riding this week. May get to go cross country schooling at Calimar next Thursday or Friday with a trainer friend of mine and a few of her students. My very loose and flexible "goal" fence is at the bare minimum, a solid novice level hanging log in the fence line. My "we're a rock star" fence will be the Training level baby corner that up until now, I've only stood next to and sat my camera on:) But, since I'll once again be coming off a break and a week's worth of riding, my REAL goal is simply to ride well, stay on, and build the Squeaky boy's confidence.

For those that haven't read my comments on the previous post, Kody (my son) is completely fine. I think much of his reaction was due partially to his dramatic nature. I thank God every day that Kody has remained healthy and never sustained a major, traumatic injury (currently knocking on wood!) so he has no real barometer when it comes to pain or trauma. Which of course is just fine by me! I'm feeling much better about the whole thing; it took a few days but I've regained my equilibrium. Hopefully Muffin will start looking better tomorrow; I knew he'd be tight and sore because he lost some good foot, for sure. Not to mention, the ground is hard as a rock and has a bunch of rocks. Love my pony; grateful these were only lost shoes numbers 4 and 5 in nearly 3 years.

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