Tuesday, April 24, 2012

IEA Nationals

The National Finals for my middle school eq team was this past weekend in Syracuse, NY.  It was such a great weekend:)  The Coliseum at the New York state fair was the venue and it was just so special.  My sweet girls had a BLAST.  On Saturday the o/f classes went.  One of my kids got a 5th!  Out of 19!  It was GREAT!

Spirits were high going into Sunday, but unfortunately small mistakes kept us out of the flat callbacks.  We were done by noon.  Good for me because I had NO trouble making my 6:30 flight!  Sad for the girls, but NO disappointments anywhere.  My MS team is a BRAND new team, never done IEA before, and to have actually made it to Nationals is a feat my farm team STILL hasn't managed to do in 4 years of existence.  So, congrats to my girls!  Glad we had safe flights, and glad we're done for a few months.  Now, it's time to focus and concentrate on MAYDAZE!  Janet lesson tomorrow:D