Sunday, April 8, 2012

Safely home back on the East Coast

I'm convinced I want to move to the West Coast.  Not necessarily to California, but to either Utah or Arizona. I like Utah, my husband likes Arizona.  They're both BEAUTIFUL, but I do like grass when thinking about horsekeeping.  We flew into Phoenix and stayed in a lovely Doubletree hotel.  From there on to Costa Mesa, CA for Disneyland.  We stayed in THAT hotel (the Hansford) for 2 days.  After an incredible visit to Yosemite National Forest, we moved on from there to San Francisco and the Westin on the 35th floor in DOWNTOWN.  The cable cars are SO cool!  After a trip to Alcatraz, it was a very long drive up Hwy 1 to the Redwood Forest in Trinidad.  We had a cabin there, it was FANTASTIC!  We awoke to rain, which I guess is normal up in that part of the world.  We then drove on to Reno, NV and stayed in the Peppermill Casino.  That was a super nice place!  Our room had a GIANT tub with jets in it.  Reno is very similar to Vegas, just a lot smaller.  Moving on to Utah, we drove through the Salt Flats, around the Great Salt Lake, and up to Park City.  People were showing up to ski, lol!  The runs were more than half melted, so I have no idea what they were skiing.  There we stayed in an awesome ski lodge.  Upon waking, we moved on the Page, Arizona where Glen Canyon lies.  We didn't get to explore there as much as I'd wanted to because I didn't realize that much of that Canyon is on Reservation land and inaccessible without a "guide".  You can see a ton of it via Lake Powell, but we weren't exactly prepared to rent a boat this trip:)  We then headed on to the Grand Canyon where it was near impossible to really absorb the grandeur that was that place.  It literally took your breath away.  I'd been told that Bryce Canyon was "much better" than the Grand Canyon, but I disagree. They're both beautiful and amazing, but the Grand Canyon is awe inspiring.

All in all, the trip was almost impossible to fully absorb.  We drove an average of 6 hours or so a day, and covered 3200 miles total (just driving).  The point was to eliminate certain areas we weren't very interested in, but what actually happened was we LOVED each and every place we visited and want to go back to each one and spend more time.  It was positively depressing to come home to GA.  Not sure what our future holds, but don't be surprised if there's a major move some time in the future:)
Just a random waterfall driving down the Utah interstate!

Can't wait to see the Tiki man tomorrow!  I've missed his adorable red butt:)  I will leave y'all with a hand full of pics from the million we took, and only from the last 3 days:)
Kody enjoyed his bath in the giant spa-tub!
Salt Flats

a horse farm in Utah!

Utah is GORGEOUS.  LOOK at this!

Next to the Glen Canyon Dam

Horseshoe bend.  NO guardrails!!

Grand Canyon

This horse would make an AWESOME tattoo;)

Grand Canyon one more time

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  1. So glad you had a great time! You should check out Oregon next time!