Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Working hard today:)

Love, love, love my boy.  He LOVES that HS bit.  I rode him today in it with the regular cavesson and he jumped down on the bit faster than you can say "contact"!  Friday I rode for a nice solid half hour in his pasture with the halter.  He was well behaved and happy to be outside:)  

Today I walked him on a loose rein several laps, then cantered in 2-point each way.  After he felt a little looser,  I settled in to the trot work.  I shook it up, circled, came down the quarter line, and reveled in how effortless it was to keep him happily on contact.  I then yanked the stirrup leathers off my saddle.  I took advantage and did lots of lateral work.  Shoulder-in, haunches-in at the walk and trot, shallow serpentine down the long side, leg yield off and back to the rail, TONS of sitting trot.  I of course worked the posting trot sans stirrups, but not TOO much because I could slowly feel them going numb:)  Practiced the canter transition from the trot on the quarter line straightaway, alternating between correct lead and counter lead.  During the 4th upward transition, he got a little fresh and tried to jump around a bit.  To combat that, I finished up on the 20m circle both ways and ended with a neat, clean halt.  He felt fantastic and amazing today:)  

I would LOVE to jump tomorrow, but I'm not sure the ring's soft enough.  It is SUPPOSED to rain tonight, so I will pray for rain.  If it doesn't rain, I may just school around 2'6 and under, but if it DOES rain, I will raise them all up to 3'.  Just have to remember the jumping bridle!

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