Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Updating just to say ...

It's that time again!  Spring Break!  Although, it feels like SUMMER break around good 'ol GA.  Sheesh.  Beautiful, beautiful days, but way too hot for March.  Haven't ridden since the Gigi clinic ... I kind of um, hurt myself a little bit and only just now feel good enough to ride, but we leave tomorrow for a 9 day jaunt across the west coast!  So, Muffin can have a nice 2 1/2 week break, then it's back to it before May Daze at the Park:)  Broke out all the fly paraphanelia, already he's covered with them!

Lots of pics to follow over the next 10 days!  Tiki's blog is about to become Jen's blog for a little bit:D

OH!  And my middle school finished 5th at Zones in Charleston, SC (GORGEOUS place!)  Which means what?  It means our IEA season is STILL going, and our next (and final) stop is Syracuse, NY for the NATIONAL FINALS!  I have never made it this far before, all the way to the end.  No matter how our season ends, we are one of the top 12 middle schools in the entire country for IEA competition, pretty incredible!

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