Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jump! Jump! Jump!

Looks pretty good, huh, huh??

Now he's a pumpkin flavored muffin!
Coop, cav, wide oxer
2'9, 3', 2'6
The whole line!

Had a LOVELY jump school today.  Halleuia (sp?) for being hairless!  It was a super warm 80 degrees today:)  Set up a nifty little course; 6 jumps all in a vertical line in the middle of the ring.  I made up a long, twisty course jumping some of the jumps straight on and in a circle, or jumping them on an angle and changing direction.  Had a wide, low oxer, a single cavaletti, the coop, a 2'6, 2'9, and 3' vertical.  His jumping bridle is still grungy and dumped in my rubbermaid box, so I used the copper ball fullcheek on the regular cavesson.  He is just so STIFF in that bit.  Grrr ... last time I used it (3+ years ago) he went GREAT in an Herm Sprenger KK ultra D-ring.  I've tried to recreate that feeling by using a JP Korsteel D with the bean, but it just isn't the same as the $$ HS.  I guess I'm eventually have to stop being a cheapskate and come off the $$ to buy one.

SO!  Warmed up literally with a lap at the walk each way, 2 laps at the trot each way, one lap of canter each way, warm up the jumps.  I started over the cav (of course), then moved to the coop.  I then swallowed my nerves and did the wide oxer.  I set it at 3' wide.  I will widen it a little more to 4' for my next jump school ... I HATE oxers in general.  I will jump verticals all day long, but try my hardest to avoid oxers:)  ESPECIALLY square ones:)  I had a pole across the top to let him know to jump it as one effort, and no surprise, he did look at the pole funny and back off a little bit.  Luckily, the back off brought him RIGHT to the base of the jump, and he hopped over neatly and without drama.  From there I did the 2'6 twice, the 2'9 twice, then strung together a course.  I was TIRED. The heat was getting to me I guess.  He jumped the 3' GREAT; nice and round but oh so willing and forward.  Oftentimes, he feels his way around a course by braille, lol.  Today he was neat as a pin and didn't touch a thing.  I met a couple of the jumps long, a couple deep, but no matter what I made a decision EVERY time.  He nailed the majority of them, but whether he was a little long or short it was MY decision.

Ya know, I had my stirrups tied today.  I think when I do that it forces me to sit so straight THAT'S why my back hurts, lol.  Tying the stirrups makes me work HARDER!  Going to Dover to spend a little money on Saturday.  I have some gift cards to spend and I'm FINALLY ready!  Not sure yet what I'm buying, but it will probably involve boots for him and a saddle pad, lol.  Yes, I'm a boot and pad 'ho, I admit it!

Exciting news!  I've verbally committed to my friend Marisa to do this ... May Daze at the Kentucky Horse Park in, duh, May!  We're going Novice.  Guess I'd better get my USEA registration sent in, huh??  Will anyone from blogger land be there!  Would love to meet new people!:)  Can't WAIT!!!!!

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  1. MAYDAZE!!! A few other CoTHers will be there, I know of Lauren Romanelli and crew for sure, as I ran into her at the tack store today! BTW...half school your ditches, everything else is easy peasy