Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring at the end of Winter

It was a drop dead gorgeous day today.  BEAUTIFUL!!!  I was concerned Muffin might be sore from our jump school yesterday since I haven't jumped him very much lately, so I threw on his saddle pad and Thinline and hacked out in his pasture.  Had one scary moment when the giant blue heron that lives in the pond took flight ... Tiki dropped down about 3' when those front legs splayed out, but that was it.  He dropped, stared, and continued on happy as a clam.  I didn't drill any hills, just held his leadrope loosely and meandered around the pasture for half an hour.  He felt awesome.  I think sometimes his short step and initial unwillingness to go forward is a result of the girth being tightened, so I enjoy hacking him out bareback and not strapping down a saddle.  Really enjoyed myself today!

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