Monday, March 12, 2012

Nakedness ...

Need to take off a little more by the mane
Got a few random spots here to clean up
He may not have looked it, but Tiki was HAIRY!

The muffin is naked!  I still have a little bit to finish; all 4 legs, the ears,  and some random track marks, but it shouldn't take more than half an hour to finish:)  I have never fully body clipped him before (well, I did before the Halloween HT at Chatt Hills last year, but his coat was so short I didn't see a difference when I was finished).  He had WAY more hair than I'd thought!  Janet is on a little vacation, so if she's not teaching on Saturday I will have to wait until after the Gigi clinic on Tuesday to get a jumping lesson:)  Regardless, I WILL fit one in before our spring break vacay.  I'm SO happy to have my boy hairless; I think considering tomorrow will be in the neighborhood of 78 degrees, the boy will also be happy to be hairless!

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