Wednesday, August 1, 2012


You REALLY want me to move??
THERE'S that beautiful red neck:)

Who can resist this face??

I rode the Muffin Man!  All the stars had to align just perfectly; Monday I gave him a good anti fungal bath.  Tuesday I had to clip off his long whiskers, goat hairs, and bushy tail hairs.  Today, I rode:)  I have decided to do so in dressage tack for this week and next so I'm not tempted to jump.  As I bent down to brush off his legs, his right front just looked ... off to me.  A little swollen on the outside, just above the fetlock.  I trotted him and he was completely sound.  No heat, no tenderness ... it just feels a little thick.  I thought maybe I was imagining it since I really haven't looked at his legs in almost 2 months so I tacked him up anyway and took him up to the ring.

I couldn't properly longe him because my longe line is still in the trailer, and I couldn't find any of Joyce's, so I just secured the reins under his stirrup leathers and let him go!  Uh, GO!  Haha, he slowly meandered off, staying RIGHT on the rail.  I think I managed to chase him up into the trot for about .2 seconds, but it was enough to see he's definitely 100% sound.  After climbing on he felt AMAZING.  Perfect:)  Pretty much all I did today was just some nice stretchy trot; circle then reverse through center of the ring, rinse and repeat.  I cantered about 10 steps each lead just to see what things felt like and all was well.  Tiki for sure seemed happy to be back to work and it was SO nice just to be back in his saddle.

I have no plans due to a severe lack of funds at the moment, so I will slowly bring him back to work and just get back to doing our thing.  So grateful just to HAVE a horse, I will not dwell on being stuck at home for the forseeable future.  I cold hosed his leg for about 10 minutes after the ride, just in case, but he didn't put a hoof wrong the entire time.  Hoping that tomorrow it doesn't look thick.