Saturday, August 4, 2012

So lucky

I am the luckiest girl in the world.  I have ridden a LOT of horses in my life time ... 100+ for sure.  Many of them I didn't really enjoy riding; Tiki was purchased from a PICTURE.  No vet check, no video, no moving pic just a standing picture.  He is the BEST horse in the world!  I just love him like crazy.  I rode Thursday in the ring and put him on contact.  He fought it a little, but then softened up and moved off my leg beautifully.  I leg yielded a bit, trotted a single pole and concentrated on forward and soft.  Added in canter at the end and made him canter a circle, canter the single pole, and stay off my hands.  He did so very nicely.  I think about HOW far we've come ... I remember how tough it was to get him just to trot slow-ish, and where he is now ... it leaves me speechless:)  I figured 2 days was enough for this week, will sit on him 3 days next week, still in the dressage tack before adding back in pasture/jumping work.  Love my boy!

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  1. yay! Love the feeling of looking back and seeing how far you have come :)