Monday, December 29, 2008

Finally ... the rain STOPPED!

So, after an eternity of rain, rain, and more rain, I was able to more or less forget about my horrible bareback event, and actually ride. And he had another fat ankle. AGH! I just pretended I didn't see it, rubbed on some liniment gel, and fastened on his spiffy new boots. (The fat ankle was just a little soft swelling on the outer left hind; it was just stocked up, for anyone horrified.;)) I waited around on Joyce and Debbie, the 2 ladies riding with me, and we set off across the street to wander aimlessly through right of ways, and pray the hunters didn't mistake our chestnut and appy horses for deer.

Literally, as we traipsed through belly high grass, crossed over rocky dry creeks, and wound our way through the power lines, we sand loudly so the hunters wouldn't shoot us. Hunting season is almost.over. Woo Hoo! Tiki didn't try to kill me! He was very unspooky, didn't squeal at me, and didn't dance/jig/or otherwise act like a bone head. He DID want to be in front, but we had NO idea where we were going, so I made him walk in the back. He got a little anxious when Peaches the appy pony wanted to prance and jig, herself, but he just put his head down, snuffled, and power walked the whole time. SUCH a good boy!

I will enjoy the 65 degree weather tomorrow, and ride him in his pasture, hopefully doing some transitions and getting in some meaningful work. Some ladies are planning a Sunday trail ride in the 1000 acres across the street that will have been vacated by the hunters, so I am planning an actual hour plus ride then. I hope it all works out!!:) I love my pony.

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