Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yup, it was a disaster!

I must say, the boy was NOT good today. NOT good, at all. He is SO much better with consistent work, and he has just not been consistently worked due to all the rain. I decided that since it was SUCH a beautiful day, and I'd just ridden him Friday, he didn't need to be longed. Hmm.

Yeah, he needed to be longed. The goob stood still while I climbed up on the little step ladder and swung my leg over, then was good while I walked a lap around the pasture in 2 point, but as soon as I asked for the trot, that head went down, swung back and forth, and he tried to go fast. I half halted, got him slower, then he'd leap up in the air. We'd bend, go forward, try to run, buck. It was the crappy, endless cycle that went on and on. Finally, I removed my spurs.

For those of you shaking your head at the stupidity of big roller spurs on a fresh Thoroughbred on a late December afternoon, he's gone GREAT in them before, at Crazy Lady's farm. In fact, it had ben a real epiphany how well he went in them. Well, today, he was having none of it. So, I dismounted, removed the offending metal posts, and climbed back on. After attempting to trot in a big circle somewhat resembling a RING, I felt what it was like to Capriole. Let's just say I won't be applying to the Vienna School of Riding anytime soon. I finally slapped on a little good 'ol discipline; circling, yelling, and stinging my hand with a slap on the rump. I didn't give in to his shenanigans, and continued to ask for the trot, one rein stopping when he tried to run off, and attempting to work in a ring-like area. FINALLY, he gave up ... a little.

I was very grateful for the warm weather, because I had JUST enough sweat to stick really well, but I wasn't uncomfortably hot or anything. Tiki, on the other hand, was soaked to the skin. We FINALLY got in some productive trotting; I got some really good practice remembering how to maintain a consistent rhythm at the trot despite a non-consistent rhythm by the horse. We finally got a nice pace, a relaxed head and neck, and some relative straightness. Cantered a few times, and experienced lots of crow hopping, flat out bucking, and lots of switching out behind. Needless to say, I will be borrowing a saddle from the barn until I can get a new one that fits. It's a pain, but I'd rather be uncomfortable and the HORSE be comfortable until funds allow for BOTH our comforts. I don't know that that had anything to do with it, but I will be interested to see how he reacts to a regular tree saddle. We're planning that trail ride Sunday, but I hope to squeeze in another ride or 2 Thursday and Friday, weather permitting. No sense in having a horse if I don't ride him! Wish us luck.:)

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  1. Lots of luck, of course, and some sympathies. I must have missed why the saddle fit is suspect. Does it pinch, bridge, or does he have soreness in his back from it now? Nice to see you worked toward ending on a good note, but if he was in pain that's hard to do. Hope you find a saddle you both love in a price range that the budget appreciates. Been there, done that, love my Wintec 2000 AP! Be is going up in tree sizes pretty quicky, currently a medium and looking at a medium wide! Who said TBs are all narrow with shark fin withers? HA!