Thursday, December 4, 2008


I'd had my saddle in the car all weekend long, and pulled it out on Wednesday before going to the barn. Once I finished cleaning the stalls, it was absolutely beautiful, and I was kicking myself in the butt for taking the dang saddle out!

In lieu of riding my boy, I groomed him and longed him. He was so filthy. He's looking a little bit more fat, though, and that makes me happy! I took him out to the grass ring and actually longed him outside the ring in the pasture. Happily, he would work, then leap in the air and buck. Then he'd squeal, canter forward and buck. Then we reversed, and he'd slip, then buck.

Why is this good? It's good because it means he was not bucking out of pain, just out of feeling good. I worry about my saddle on him; he's not fat at ALL, and my saddle's a wide tree. I've tried to sell it twice on ebay, but wide tree saddles are a more specialized market. I have a big felt pad on him right now that takes up a lot of space, so I'm thinking the saddle is fine.

Anyway, he's starting to stretch down into the side reins and round his neck a little. He still doesn't stretch down into the trot, but he'll get there. I'm proud of my sweet little guy:)

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