Friday, June 5, 2009

Braved the rain:)

So yesterday, went to the barn to ride. JUST as I arrived, the rain came ... and stayed around.:( I cleaned a few stalls just because, brought in the 2 mares outside, and left. Today, I wanted to try again, but it wasn't looking too good. Began to clean stalls, and it started to look like things were drying up. About that time, Cowboy Wayne called and re-scheduled our trail ride that had originally been scheduled. I was a little bummed I wasn't taking Tiki (was riding Joyce's babies), but that turned out to be a GOOD thing. I rode Chester, the paint, and he was SO GOOD. I swear, those babies do NOT have the minds of 3 year olds. Wayne was schooling a new boarder's horse, and the horse was great heading out. Brave, alert, and didn't look at a thing. The problems began upon turning towards home, though. He decided to be a BUTT, spinning around, jigging, and generally not wanting to walk calmly. Chester on the other hand, just moseyed along like he had NO care in the world. The other horse was snorting, spinning, backing into trees, running into his butt, and he just took it all in stride without so much as a wide-eyed look. Tiki would have gotten upset, I believe.

After a little over 2 hours, we were back at the barn, and I decided to go ahead and ride Tiki man before finishing the few stalls I had left. Gave him a good grooming, then took him and Kody (my son) down to the grass ring because I don't want to mess up the footing before it's all settled in the ring. Just as I put my foot in the stirrup and swung up, a VERY unwelcome visitor slithered in the ring and through the grass. In a mild panic, I jumped off and threw rocks at the huge gray and black snake, but it just calmly and slowly creeped its way across the ring and out the opposite side. Tiki didn't care, and Kody was trying to take pics of it, but I was thoroughly unsure as to how to handle it! In the end, I just waited until I was sure it wouldn't strike us, then got back up on the Tiki boy. Rode quickly, as Kody had been waiting around ALL day at the barn, and the boy was good. A little grumpy at being on the grass instead of his ring with the lovely footing (spoiled boy!), but I feel as though we got some nice gaits. Kody didn't get stellar pics this time, as I feel he took all the pics before we warmed up and Tiki started to drop and round his neck. I think there's a good pic or 2 of how much bigger our trot has gotten:) Got a cool one of us on the RIGHT lead, yay. Didn't miss a lead today:) He felt not too bad; he's DEFINITELY getting stronger and more balanced. Hopefully I'll have time to ride in the ring tomorrow, and if not, maybe across the street on a trail. No video, will have to try again soon once the rain is GONE. Till later!

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