Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"He looks like a different horse!"

Happy, happy. Y'all may remember a few weeks ago I posted about trailering with Celeste to a covered arena. The footing was just ok, and my hubby came out to video me and Tiki. Upon watching the video, I was disappointed in how we looked. Even Celeste said to me I'd probably not be completely happy with what I saw on the video. She was right. He was moving too quick, but going too slow, and his neck was pretty inverted with his butt trailing out behind him.:(

Well, today was the first time Celeste had seen me ride him since that day. The prognosis was, "He looks like a completely different horse!" We LOVE the waterford, he's loving his back shoes, and I think his back feels pretty good under the good 'ol Wintec I've been using. I still didn't ride terribly long today due to the HEAT, but he was reaching down into the bit, he was using and stretching his back, and he performed a LOVELY simple change from left lead to right lead. I schooled the shoulder-in for the first time in awhile, and he was perfect! Trotted a little vertical, and he rapped it with the front feet, which is why I now use open front boots for jumping. Came back on it, and he rounded his neck, used his back, and picked his little footsies up.:) We stopped with that becaus he and I were both dripping. I put my pride and joy, the love of my life ... my son on Tiki's back. Let Kody steer at the walk, then grabbed Tiki's bridle and trotted him down the long side of the ring; my boys were just perfect! I'm so happy right now.:)


  1. yeah!!!! for being Happy!!
    Sounds like things are going great :)
    Can you get video of him in the waterford? It would be great to see the difference from the last video to how he is going now.

  2. How awesome! Your son looks very cute up on Tiki too. I've never tried a waterford on anything, but I love the french link loose ring Be has. It's a no pinch so the middle piece can turn all the way around and she can't grab hold of anything to leverage off me. Plus she's soft and supple when she gives in it. Send Tiki a hug for me, he just looks so cute!

  3. I do plan to post the video in question, and I will get my son to video me tomorrow:) Then Hubby has to convert the video because our recorder is in high def, then hopefully I can have both posted by this weekend. Ran out of time today and didn't get to ride, but will tomorrow.