Sunday, June 21, 2009

Long trail today!

Went on a 3 1/2 hour trail ride with Wayne and Joyce today. We had a super time! The whole first part of the trail, we were on the BUCKLE, literally. He was just in that wonderful, ground eating walk. The only bad thing was he left Chester and Reley behind, lol. Those babies walk so SLOW. Wayne trained them that way so they wouldn't spill their beer, ha ha. Enjoyed a short trot, and one short gallop. When we're out there, we're enjoying ourselves, not running at full tilt. He was dripping 20 minutes into the ride, but he didn't seem anxious at all. He was much happier being on the trail with buddies; no trying to turn around on me this time:) Went up a hill that was SO steep, he literally lunged up it. It was L O N G, too. Once we got to the top, my saddle felt strange. Looked down and saw it had slipped back about 4 inches, so I had to get off and fix it. Really enjoyed the trails; many of them I'd never been on, so it was fun. Got back to the barn and gave him a warm bath. Hopefully, I can motivate myself to ride at 6:00 every morning this week, because we're going to Tennessee this weekend. That's my plan!

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