Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun with other horses!:)

Tiki man was a BRAT today, for sure! Rode in the new ring for the first time with a)other horses; b)after dinner; c)since a big pile of footing has been spread. He was full fledged coming off the ground. His head was shaking, he tried to wheel around and follow his trail buddy, Star, and he was having definite "airs above the ground". I hate to call them "bucks", because to me, a buck is when a horse's head is between his knees and one way or another wants you OFF. These were not that. I would say more than a "crow hop", but less than a "buck". He was just acting pissy. I ignored him, though, and worked through the antics. Asked him to come down, flex, etc. He finally did but he wasn't happy about it. Cantered beautifully; no lead issues, and even performed his first full flying change on purpose! It was a right to left after the little 2' vertical we did. Trotted into that several times and he was quite nice. Cantered in a few times and got deep, but I'd rather be deep than long. Quit on a deep one because he was DRIPPING and it was getting late. Hosed him, tried on a new kind of fly sheet that Joyce had just lying around, and turned him out.

Stayed around and ate some food with everyone, then it started to RAIN and LIGHTNING. So, decided I'd go out to Tiki's pasture and help bring them in. Had a big bucket of food and a halter. Went to catch Tiki, but Chester bit him, In his blind panic to run from Chester, Tiki planted his toe right on the top of my foot and used that as a starting block for his sprint. I'm pretty damn sure there's a little bone or 2 broken. My foot is aching like a sore tooth, and driving the 10 minutes to the house sucked. It will be interesting to see how it feels tomorrow.

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