Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Almost Christmas!

It turned out to be a LOVELY day today!:) By the way, I want to mention something. I just want to thank every one that posts comments on my blog. I really appreciate it:) I know I don't respond to every one of them, but I do really appreciate it when y'all take the time to comment.

Anyways, Tiki was marvelous again today! Haven't ridden since Thursday when he just felt like a rockstar. It rained cats and dogs Friday, and I spent the weekend with my family. My husband is a pretty understanding guy considering I spend 11+ hours a week working for my horse's well being, but he does get a little grumpy if we don't have enough family time.

Rode Mick and Audrey first, and both of them were quite good! By the time I got to the Muffin Man, it was cooling off and the light was fading. Warmed up pretty quick, and didn't work the flat excessively because I did want to jump around a little bit. Set 2 verticals on opposite diagonals, one 2'3 and one 2'6. Down the long side, set a cav 1 stride to a 3' vertical, one stride to a cav. Set them about 3' short. He felt pretty nice today; butt following his shoulders. I didn't work the neck a lot today because I was short on time. He really reached down into the bit and looked for my contact today; didn't get hollow or throw his head around once. Canters were great; he's starting to get his right lead off a more traditional bend rather than the counter-bend. Did a few simple changes across the diagonal and he was perfect. Trotted over the 2'3 vertical and trotted a single cav. I can always feel when my hips are going to get left, but I do give him a good release. Anyone have any foolproof tips for trotting jumps?;)

Cantered the diagonal jumps, focusing NOT on finding distances, but on keeping a smooth, consistent rhythm. Didn't miss once!:) For me, it's practice, practice, practice. I don't have any great riding gifts; just a work ethic. I practice and work hard to imrove, but don't have any sorts of natural talent or anything. I like to think I can ride anything on the flat; jumping I'm getting back to where I was 13 years ago, but I'm still not there yet. I'll get there, I think ... hope.

Cantered into the cav/vert/cav on the left lead. He was FABULOUS! Great, great, great. Gave him a big pat, reversed, then came in on the right lead. This time I worked on me, and he was great, great, great again! Woo Hoo! Slow, relaxed, and straight as an arrow. Probably won't ride him again until Saturday. Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL holiday!!! Love on your ponies:)

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