Saturday, December 26, 2009

I LOVE Christmas!

It is so awesome for me to experience Christmas through my son's eyes. He had an amazing Christmas this year, and it pleased me to no end to watch him APPRECIATE what he received, and appropriately thank each person. He really matured this year, and I'm so proud.

On a selfish note, this was probably MY best Christmas in quite awhile! Got enough gift certificates to Dover Saddlery to get something "big", and got Visa/Master card gift certificates that will add to the pot. One of my "big" gifts was given to me by Joyce! She gave me the T-boots I've been eyeing for about 6 or 7 months now. Now I can't decide what else to get! A5 clippers? Half chaps? Figure 8 bridle from Smartpak? Winter riding pants? I don't know, but I'm going to have fun trying to decide!!:)

Haven't ridden since Tuesday, so he was understandably a little stiff today. NOT bad at all, but definitely not supple. Also, he got new shoes Thursday, and Joyce said he seemed a little ouchy after again. Wonder what's up with that? I will buy his Adequan in January so I can keep up easily with when I started it. Hope to see a positive change with that. Did a few simple changes up the diagonal through the walk and he felt VERY nice. His right lead transition is really improving by leaps and bounds. He didn't want to bend today, so we did wrestle a little bit, but nothing NEAR as badly as a couple of weeks ago. Didn't trot any jumps at all. Came to a cav out of a LOVELY left lead canter. He landed right, so I walked a simple change. Cantered up the vertical on the diagonal, he landed right, turned up the other diagonal vertical, he landed right again. Walked another simple change and caught a few more of the cavs/verticals right out of stride. Really felt good. Came into the exercise from not too long ago; cav/3' vertical/cav 1 strides. He felt like a ROCKSTAR, woo hoo!:) Caught a few more low ones, then came into the big exercise again off the left lead; again, felt just incredible.:D. Let him be done there. After every jump, I came down to a walk for any lead changes. I just want him to go around a jump course and not lean/pull through any turns. It was an awesome day!:):)


  1. Get the figure 8 bridle!! I LOVE mine and even though i rode endurance now i still use it on my horses.

    It is interesting, my thoroughbred is also off the track and his right lead was ghastly when he came to me!

    Have you used adequan before? Did you notice any changes in him after it? And did you do the once a month or 1 every week for a while?

    Thanks, happy holidays :)

  2. i love figure 8 bridles too...get that one

  3. Zach, I haven't used the Adequan yet. I certaintly will be updating on my blog when I start it and whether it seems to help. I plan to do once a week for 4 weeks, then go to the monthly dose. Guess I'd better order my bridle while SmartPak still has free shipping!;)