Thursday, December 17, 2009

Progress, progress, progress

Well, gave the Tiki boy Monday and Tuesday off.:) Tuesday was yucky and rainy, but I probably could have squeezed in a ride. I just didn't WANT to:( Hey, I can take pleasure in the fact that this time last year I was literally getting in one ride every 2 weeks or so. Right now, I'm averaging 3 times a week, which considering the rain is pretty darn good. Today, the footing was really awesome; firm, but wet, so it had a really nice cushion to it. Supposed to start raining again either tonight or tomorrow morning around 6, and the high is around 43 or so. So ... not thinking I'll get in any riding time tomorrow. The weekend is supposed to be cold and miserable.

Anyway, rides this week! As y'all know, he was a total rockstar on Sunday. Yesterday went ahead and did butt work. Took him in the pasture and walked some nice, big hills. No trotting or anything; just march up the hills. He was fairly well behaved; tried to be a LITTLE fresh, but nothing extreme. By the end, his head was long and low and the reins were on the buckle.

Today, worked in the ring. Flexed left then right then left then right, etc. Did some nice transitions, and worked on that concept of bend then let go with the inside rein. He felt REALLY nice today. Very, very good. Had a NICE bend, his butt actually followed his front end, and had a lovely, quiet canter. Beginning to pick up the right lead on more of a straight approach as opposed to such an extreme counter-bend. Eventually I hope to actually get the right lead off of a right bend.:) Trotted to the base of a tall crossrail a few times; I was just ok. Got left a few times, but always gave a good release. Cantered into the oxer with the placing poles, and he was pretty decent. Got one or two yucky distances, but the rest were good. At one time he made a bid at it, and knocked down a pole when he rushed through it. Trotted the crossrail well again, then came into the oxer one last time, and it was good but he tried to be a little quick. I think he was bored. I need to switch things up! Next time I can ride and the rain stops I guess.:) But the boy felt really good today; it was fun:)


  1. i am jelaous of the big hills, it must be so good for conditioning horses...I am from the praries, no hill in sight :o)

  2. I just came across your blog. I live in Kennesaw and have a chestnut OTTB gelding. Your horse is much further along than mine and looks great. My boy is still doing flat work, no jumping yet, but he's coming along. My blog is
    Nice to meet you (sort of)!

  3. Oh, that's so cool! I'm not far from Kennesaw at all! I'll check out your blog:)