Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I don't know what I've done right ...

Today was as wonderful as it possibly could have been! It started out not so great; managed to finally fall off Princess Audrey.:( I always knew she'd get me off eventually, but I always figured it would be because of a massive spook/spin/duck. Nope. She was DEAD quiet today ... so quiet I had to kick her! Yesterday was hills in the pasture and she was very good; FORWARD, though! Today she was just NOT forward at all. But she was good:) So, after the lovely canter both directions, I trotted into the cav both ways, and she was wonderful. So ... trotted up to a crossrail. She stopped. Kicked her hard and made her walk over. Came again; same thing. Grrr. Came again, and KICKED her hard. Stopped and leaped HUGE. Again, and AGAIN she stopped and launched herself over ... 4' over. Literally. So, yeah, I got super unbalanced and when she landed, she helped me on off by humping her back and crowhopping, so off I went. Went down pretty hard:( Hopped right back up and went right back to it, back and forth until finally she was quiet over it.

So, on to the Squeaky Tiki. He was AWESOME!!!! Wow. Compared to yesterday, today was "warm". About 46, but the sun was shining. The footing was good in the ring, he was wearing his new T-boots in front, his new elastic polos behind, and his super spiffy baby pad with the fleece half pad. I guess he just FELT like a rock star. Soft and supple through his neck and mouth, quiet with his trot, and willing off my leg. Picked up the canter and it was soft, slow, and light. Decided to try a little counter canter today and it was so good. H actually did a flying change to the RIGHT, ha ha. Didn't punish him because it was so nice. Reversed, counter cantered the other way, and he held it. Did one change across a diagonal and it was perfect. Trotted the low jumps today and GREAT. Did my 3' vertical and he was PERFECT!!!!! Slow feet, nice bascule, STRAIGHT. I don't know what I've done right with my horse, but I sure wish I had a barn full just like him ... :)


  1. Tiki loves you. He knows you get him, and he just responds in kind. What an awesome boy you have :)

  2. glad to hear you got straight back in the sadddle after the little mishap with Pricess Audrey...all the best to the new year!