Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year:)

Another year, new goals:) Had a great week last week. Have a feeling I'll be walking a LOT of hills this week with all the ponies; the warmest day is supposed to be Wednesday at a whopping 36 degrees:( Not sure if the footing in the ring will be thawed at all. Oh well, hills are good for them:) Rode the Squeaky Wednesday after the AWESOME Tuesday in just his halter/lead rope. He was quite nice. Very quiet and good; not very "bendy" or supple, though, since he didn't HAVE to be. I was just doing a light hack with him anyway, so I wasn't too bothered by that fact. Trotted the crossrail and a small vertical back and forth on a figure 8 and worked on waiting to the base, and having him come right back to me after. Didn't canter into anything since I was working on getting that front end up and square. He felt good. It's nice to know I can literally jump my horse around in a halter and he doesn't offer to get fast/buck/ignore me at all. Gave him Thurs-Sun off, and starting in new tomorrow! Like I said, probably will do hills, but that's just fine.
Pic is of me and Hubby on our last cruise ... we're wanting to start thinking about our next vacation soon; hopefully to Cancun!

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