Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nothing to blog on, really!

Sorry for a bit of a "pointless" update, but nothing has gone on! It rained Thursday, walked hills Friday, was busy all day yesterday with lessons, and it's raining today. Unfortunately, I've been CLEANING all day, darn:(

Vet is visiting tomorrow, so Tiki boy will get his teeth done and his Coggins pulled. I will do his shots myself; I just get the vet to do the Rabies vacc. Didn't clip; temps are supposed to drop below freezing during the morning time around Thursday, or so. Will ride in the latter part of the week, and the Boy has IEA shows on both Saturday and Sunday. Later!:)

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  1. I hear ya! We had SNOW where I board my horses, up in the mountains, and we were BARELY able to get to the ranch. Not sure how much mud will be up there this weekend...sigh...