Monday, January 11, 2010

Whelp. It was an interesting day today ...

So, haven't ridden my horse since Wednesday. FORTUNATELY, our show Sunday was cancelled; my horse for sure would have been pulled due to mis-behavior! He was fresh, fresh, fresh. Head shaking, leaping up in the air, and general pissy antics were the name of the game today. My friend Nicole was riding in the ring with me today, and we happened to be going in opposite directions. I was walking, she was trotting. No big deal, right? I was on the rail, and she went to pass with a perfectly resonable amount of space. Well, Mr. Muffin Man decided that was BAD, and he proceeded to leap, back, and panic. Geez. Freak out much? Nicole was understandable horrified, and I begged her to do it again, and again, and again ... yes, I'm glutton for punishment;) So, we spent my whole riding time pretty much working on passing. Yes, Turd man did get better, but I had to end because I had to go get my Little Man off the bus. Tiki probably could have stood about another half hour of riding, but I have other obligations in life, sadly;) We ended OK. The canter felt great. The trot was just too fresh to really be good. His head was shaking, and he was trying to be a turd and yank on me, and his butt was very freely swinging in the breeze. I lauged, I admit it. He hasn't felt that ... bad in about 6 months or so. It's ok. He's a horse. I still love him. Looking forward to tomorrow (sort of; it's supposed to be a high in the 30's again. REALLY looking forward to Wed/Thurs! Highs to almost 60). THANKS to Nicole for risking her horse and her life to give mine a little "pass" training. I'm thankful for my friends:)

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  1. Found your blog through Stephanie's blog, The Aspiring Equestrian. This post totally made me laugh! I can relate.