Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hope all of my friends in Blogger Land have a wonderful easter! My son has his NINTH birthday party today. Wow. He's half way to an adult! I love my boy; he is an amazing kid. Next week, he debuts in his first "real" play. He was in his Christmas play at the elementary school as the lead, but he only had maybe 6 lines? This play, he is playing "Winthrop" from the musical, "The Music Man". It is the High school Spring production; he auditioned for it and was chosen! He has 2 solos to sing and WAY more than 6 lines:) Can't wait for it!

On the horsey front, Muffin had his butt handed to him on Thursday. Had a lesson with Susan; he came down BEAUTIFULLY into the bridle. She was SO excited. My trot/canter transitons were stellar. His right lead canter was LOVELY. So soft and balanced; it was just fantastically amazing:) My spiral in/out at the trot was actually very nice both directions, and he walked back and forth over a blue tarp without much of a fuss:) I wish I could go compete on him; our dressage test would probably be pretty damn good. There was a CT at Poplar Place today I would have loved to go to, but previously mentioned birthday party was a LEETLE more important.

Well, happy egg hunting tomorrow! I will update my horsey stuff as it happens:) Hug your ponies!!


  1. Happy birthday to your son!

  2. Happy Birthday to your little guy! He sounds very talented! 9 is a wonderful age. :-)