Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random musings ...

Ya know ... to some people, a 3' jump is "small". I am NOT one of those people, lol! ESPECIALLY when that 3' jump is a substantial square oxer.

My horse is actually very lazy at home.

I have tied my stirrups to the girth often enough that I feel like maybe my leg doesn't slide back as much as it used to.

Now that I've learned the concept of contact and connection, my horse trots like a rockstar!

Yes, I CAN actually ride with a dressage whip!

I LOVE the smell of Vetrolin liniment.

My horse really enjoys scratching his head on a towel.

For a chestnut, he really is most excellent about NOT getting skin funk (knock on wood!).

I love my Thinline pad.

I love my T-boots.

I REALLY need a haircut so I can wear my 'nicer' helmet!

I wish I could figure out how I can compete more often.

My horse makes me really, really happy:)

Jumped through the gymnastic today. Removed the pole from between the post and rail and the oxer. Jumped through at 2'6. Raised all to 2'9. He was so quiet coming in to the first vertical that the 18' between that and the oxer rode SO long:( He made a flying leap over the oxer, and I yanked him out so he didn't kill himself trying to jump out over the coop. Came through on the left lead instead of the right, and he was a little more forward. THAT time, it rode GREAT! Reversed and came into the coop first, off the right lead, and he felt amazing going through. Hopped off one more time and jacked them ALL up to 3'. I ALMOST had talked myself into leaving the oxer at 2'9 because I'm just a big weenie, but I didn't. I'm GLAD I didn't. Came in on the left lead the one to the two, and he jumped huge and lovely. Reversed one final time and came in right lead the two to the one, and he actually felt MUCH better that way today than he did last week when ALL I did was the triple at 2'6. So, other than the one incident when we came in quiet and he just didn't take me at ALL to the combo, he was a total superstar:) LOVE my boy! Thinking I will actually walk hills "bareback" (fleece half pad with the Thinline;)) tomorrow. Going to try and con a lesson from Janet on Monday, and then I've got a lesson with Susan set for next Thursday.


  1. wow, that is pretty much a perfect picture!

  2. Sounds like fun. I found you on the Carnival of Horses and I'm so glad! I like your blog!