Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Breakin' it

Wow, my thumb hurts SOOO bad. I jammed it over a particularly ... enthusiastic jump over a large-ish coop on the hunter pace. My general muscle soreness is abating, thank goodness. I didn't ride the muffin man yesterday, but I did palpate his back and he was pretty perfect. I was concerned that if I was so sore I could barely walk, he may have some soreness as well. If he did, it was not apparent.:)

Did a quick, light hack in the dressage tack today. He actually was nicely forward (I would hope so, since he stayed in his stall last night due to bad T-storms), but very agreeable and ungrouchy. The trot is starting to lighten up, but I am still really making sure I sit UP, use lots of leg, and drive him forward all the time into the bridle. I think maybe he's just learning to carry himself better. After trotting and cantering both directions pretty much just around the ring, I put my (almost) 9 year old up there and let him cool Tiki out. The muffin is so awesome; he was a perfect gentleman as he carted around my precious cargo. It was in the upper 50's today, while it had been mid 80's yesterday! Holy cold front, Batman! Fun day, though. I had a semi-day off because my kidlets are on spring break, so even though I did stalls, I didn't have to drive the hour into Canton to teach.

Not sure what I'm doing this week since the son will be with me every day. Probably won't jump much, if at all, since he had a big day Saturday. I may go through the gymnastic once or twice since it's still set. Guess we'll see what the week brings!

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