Sunday, April 3, 2011

Horse Trial

Just a quick note. Firstly, I wanted to post the link to the pro pics from the Chatt Hills ht. I never posted it here on the blog!
Secondly, I wanted to put it out there that I've decided my one recognized ht this year will be Poplar Place in September. LOVE me some Chatt Hills, but if I can only afford to do one ht, I want to do a different one. GORGEOUS day today! I am SO STINKING SORE today, lol:)


  1. Tiki looked like he was really enjoying himself on that XC! You both looked great!

  2. Thank you! He was so stinkin' amazing. I can't even believe how much that xc run has increased his confidence. He was a MACHINE on the hunter pace this weekend. I can't WAIT to go run him on Poplar's course!