Monday, May 9, 2011

Fresh pony lately!

I don't know what's been in the air lately, but Muffin has been a FRESH pony! I know he's been going out regularly because there has been NO rain the past week or so, so I'm a bit befuddled. After my "wild ride" on Wednesday, I longed him Thursday in the sidereins. He was good; I worked transitions, which is always a challenge on the longe. No fireworks; he was pretty steady. Friday, I rode in the dressage saddle. He wasn't bad; he felt a little resistant at first, but worked in pretty nicely. Did one lead change, and it wasn't very good. After working some lateral stuff, I gave him a break, then decided to ride my beginner novice test B, which I haven't done since the December Oxer Farm show. He was a little bit of a turd! He totally changed! Whether it was the fact that he felt he should be done, or whether he KNEW what we were doing, I don't know. He was a little crooked down the centerline, got a little quick across the diagonals, got stiff in the neck and shook his head in the corners. TOTALLY bombed the right lead trot/canter transition in the 20m circle. Did that transition again, and it was better. Finished with the 10m half circle to the halt, and that was ok. Let him be done. It was an ok day.

Had the weekend off, of course, then today I decided to take a page from honorary little sis' book, and hacked in the boy's pasture. It is MUCH bigger than the front pasture I usually do my trot sets in, with much bigger hills. That is the pasture I usually walk hills in. Walked one lap; other than being slow, that was fine. Then went to trot; he wasn't GOING anywhere, so I tapped him with the dressage whip I was carrying to ward off other horses. WHA BAM!!! Full on BUCK. TURD! I jammed my finger in his neck and bent my fingernail back, ow!! When I recovered my wits, I shortened my reins, then WHACKED him once really good with the whip, and all he did was go forward, so I patted him and went on. Of course, the first lap was a little rough, since he was still kind of pissy. Reversed and trotted around the other way; better. Reversed again, and he felt strong and did NOT want to round his back up and stretch into the contact. On the last trot lap, he felt marginally better, but really wanted to yank me down and pop the right shoulder out.

For the canter, I actually bridged my reins. Hmmm. That's a pain in the butt, so I just let them go back to normal! The canter was uneventful; the downhills are tough, but he held it together. The other direction, he wanted to get a little bit "flat out" gallopy, but he came back to me when I sat up and half halted pretty hard. Finished up and patted him. He was TIRED. Definitely a big pant going on.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring. This Saturday, I am showing him 3' for the FIRST time! Super excited:) Haven't shown at ALL since December 4, so just happy to be getting "out". I may throw the dressage saddle on again and just try to get him soft and relaxed. I only want to jump once since I will be jumping Saturday, and there will be rain probably at SOME point. Maybe I'll do dressage in the field where I used to flat all the time, by the road. I don't know; just depends on what I feel like tomorrow!

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