Friday, May 13, 2011

It's here ... if the rain doesn't spoil it!

My horseshow, that is! FINALLY showing my own horse 3'. It's been roughly 15 years since I've shown 3' or above. Hopefully I won't make a fool of myself! Possibility of pop up showers tomorrow, but hopefully late enough that we'll be finished. This week has been GREAT.

After the fresh little bucky bucky episode on Monday, Tuesday was MUCH better. I did ride in the dressage saddle down in the front field by the road. Despite Susan working with a difficult horse trying to load right across the street, I would say I had my absolute BEST flatwork I've ever had in that field. He was consistent, soft, relaxed, and responsive. I was VERY pleased by how workmanlike he was about the whole thing.

Wednesday I waited and rode with honorary little sis at 8:30 in the evening. Wasn't sure how that would go, because as I got him out of his stall, he pulled me towards the gate going OUT to his pasture. When he realized I intended to put him in the washrack, he planted his feet and tried to be a turd about going in. I tacked him SUPER quick, and headed up to the ring. I was up there for about 15 minutes before Nicole and Sparky made it up, and we had some actual very nice trot work. The canter was so LIGHT. WOW! It felt absolutely amazing. LOVED IT! Went ahead and trotted an inside vertical single that about 2'. He felt totally DEAD to it. Trotted the other inside single that was now a crossrail. DEAD. Cantered into the bounce to the cabinet (low, no poles on top), and he broke to the trot right in front, which really is pretty rare for him. We made it through and did 4 strides down to the cabinet. By this time, Nicole had made it up and was warming up pretty quick. I went back to the flatwork, and he was not nearly as good with it getting pretty dark, and there being another horse in the ring. The canter was still super light, but the trot was much more stiff and choppy. I worked it until he loosened back up and strided out a bit more, then just jumped around the 2 outside lines and 2 inside singles like I did last week. This time, nothing was bigger than 2'; good thing since he jumped everything like it WAS 3'. FINALLY, he woke up, and took me down to the jumps. They all felt decent; like I said, he put in a little extra effort, but on the bright side, he didn't touch a pole! When I did the inside vertical, popped off a clean flying change, and jumped a nice crossrail, I let him be done.

Thursday, I had an appointment for a haircut (FINALLY! My helmet fits!!:D), so I just cleaned stalls and left. Today, I rode again in the dressage tack. He was a ROCK. STAR. I didn't recognize my horse. He came RIGHT into the contact, he was stretching, he was forward, he was relaxed. I did the shallow serpentine exercise, and he was lovely. Worked on extended trot down the long side, and it felt good. Did a few turns-on-the-haunches, and I *think* they're not bad. Worked some w/t/w/t/halt transitions, and he maintained his topline beautifully, not getting flat and hollow at ALL!:) The canter transitions were prompt and lovely. Did a really nice reverse across a diagonal at the canter with a simple change through the walk, and it was perfect. Tried something I've never asked him for. A halt/canter transition. It was almost a perfect 10. Came down to the trot, worked it for a second, then let him be done. He was SO wonderful today, he earned the stop.

Loading up and leaving out at 6:30 am, wish us luck!

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