Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I'm going to take a second and reflect on a couple of defining moments in my life. Both moments involve horses dying. The first, I saw a horse get it's rein hung on the stirrup iron, panic, fall down, hit her head, and bleed out on the washrack floor. The other more recent, the barn fire at Patchwork where I saw a horse engulfed in flames. Both instances have stayed with me. The fire at True Prospect where Boyd Martin lost 6 beautiful and talented horses is sickening and surreal. I can't imagine being Lillian, and being able to rescue a few horses, but NOT my own. I have actually cried real tears over and over; I can't help but read all the news articles and updates and blog posts, and each touching tribute causes me to well up again and again. I spent a few minutes in my boy's stall today, and was simply with him. I scratched his head, scratched his chest, and kissed his velvety nose. No matter what personal turmoil I feel right now, I can allow myself to be overwhelmed with gratitude as I touch my horse and know that tomorrow morning, I will put on the dressage saddle and canter him around the ring.

This link: has ways you can donate and help. I know I will. Go hug your pony.

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