Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nope. Not a bad idea at all!

I learned some things today for sure.
1. I need to lose about 30 lbs.
2. My horse really can be quite the knee hanger
3. We finally are starting to get consistent lead changes
4. 2'9 now officially looks like 2'6
5. 3' is a little bit easier the 2nd time around
6. I'm riding with my reins way too long
7. I am seriously unhappy with my leg right now
8. Coming off a week of summer camp, vacation, and a cumulative total of 6 days worth of riding ... neither of us were at the peak of fitness
9. My horse needs more prep than a total of 6 days worth of riding; 4 of those days dressage, one doing trot sets, and one nice flat school in the cc saddle working over poles.
10. Showing with the 'pasture buddy' maybe isn't quite the BEST thing I've ever done

I really cannot complain. As listed above, maybe the muffin and I weren't at our best today. Ultimately, I decided to go because a friend offered to come with and split gas, AND the show is just so darn cheap and NOT far from Joyce's. It's funny because I actually felt BETTER today than I did at the last one, but our rounds definitely weren't as forward and energetic.

First and foremost, our warmup actually wasn't bad, which is a miracle considering when I pulled into the farm, he came off the trailer literally soaked and dripping sweat. I tied him to the trailer with his water and haynet like usual, and within the first 5 minutes had pulled back and broken his halter. Fortunately, it was nothing major, but it's definitely broken now. He was just acting like an anxious turd, and I think it had to do with his best pasture buddy, Guilder. Even after standing tied for about 45 minutes, he hadn't dried one little bit, so I just gave it up and took him over and hosed him down completely. So much for that meticulous bath yesterday, lol!

Right after his hosing, I had to go get dressed and tacked him up. He was kicking out his hind legs, dancing around, and generally fidgeting so much, I gave up on using polos on the back legs and went for our XC Woof boots (which I ONLY consented to use because I happened to be wearing the royal blue polo shirt today). Made it over to the ring just in the nick of time, and got to watch one person go before it was our turn.

2'6 was ... OK. He was jumping really hard at them; it felt a little sloppy, and he actually had the FIRST RAIL down:( That was the first rail he's had in a jumping course since our horse trial. It was a natural square oxer, and I don't think he just got his eye on it and realized it was an oxer. Out of 4, we finished 2nd:) One had a refusal and a rail, one had a refusal, and one jumped clear.

In the 2'9, it was just Kyle and I. I didn't expect to beat her because she's just a good rider, her horse loves to "run", and she jumps the BIG stuff. This course felt the best. The jumps rode like they were 2'6 ( which they weren't. Unlike many schooling shows, this one is set and measured for real:) We were clear, and did the jumpoff, and he was a good boy. 2nd to Kyle as expected.

The 3' was me alone again. He felt really tired. I felt really tired. I didn't help him at ALL, and he made no effort to bail me out. Stalled out to about 3 jumps, AND he pulled the SAME natural oxer rail (same course as the 2'6). To those jumps, I just saw NOTHING, and he basically puttered out then sprung off the ground.

I am dissatisfied with my leg position. I have never had a heel problem, and analyzing the pics from today show me my heel is NOT down and secure:( More 2'point, no stirrups, short stirrups, and stretching. So, once again, no jumpoff, but I did win, yay! Lucky belt is still helping me stay on my horsey;) I need to stay down longer; I'm popping up again and disrupting his bascule. I just need to s ... l ... o ... w down my body. Next time, I will do more productive work. I am embarking on a journey to change my eating habits; how can I expect pony to be fit and ready to work when I'm a tub of jelly? Doesn't work that way. I need to make some changes, and hopefully I can do it.

Still on track to do Poplar in September. That's my current goal. Will most assuredly do a few more small things before then; this time with better prep. Overall, the trips felt better than last time, but I think we actually weren't as good. Oh well, it was good education! Whatever helps me set up my training plan is a good thing. Tiki was good in the ring; tired, but good. It WAS somewhere around 95 degrees in the blazing sun today, so I'm sure that contributed to his sweating and both our tiredness. Homework ... that's what horse shows are for:)

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