Friday, June 3, 2011

Happier times:)

OK, enough with the sad stuff! Good things, good things:) It has been 95+ this week, but I have been a good horsey mommy and have ridden the boy this week. Tuesday, after my wonderful ride on Monday, I went for hills/hack in the boy's pasture. He was MUCH better this time:) Started on the right side, and walked up/down twice, trotted across the pasture, then went down/up the hill on the left side twice, then trotted back across the pasture and out. No bucky bucky, thank goodness!

Wednesday I took advantage of sleeping in:) Thursday, it was back in the dressage saddle, and once again he was a rock star. Wow. I love, love, love, love, love, etc. my boy! Our trot work was simply marvelous. It is such a strange feeling to have him so lovely and round. I LOVE it! The canter work was weirdly strong. Like, I had to literally HAUL back on the reins a few times to get him back to me. His stride was just open and HUGE. He wasn't fast, he was just strong and forward. I half halted super strongly, clamped my thighs on, and squeezed my stomach ... it finally worked and the canter became more manageable. Actually cantered a serpentine with simple lead changes, and it was very good. Our trot serpentine was the BEST it has ever been. No more disconnected hind end, yay!

The boy actually the worst case of rain rot on the front of his hind legs ever (spending a week with no grooming!). I scrubbed them really well with anti-bacterial soap, then treated with MTG. As of yesterday, they're clean as a whistle. Today, I didn't ride. Since he was standing in his stall and sweating up a storm, I pulled off his fly sheet, gave him a good bath, let him dry in front of the fan, then put him back in his stall. Had plans to ride tomorrow, but it looks like I will be shopping with a friend instead, so I may ride the muffin man on Sunday.

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