Saturday, June 25, 2011

Minorly unintentional break

Whelp; no real surprise here. My buttocks has not been on my horse since I apparently walked the hills (and I don't really remember doing it, haha!) Thank goodness for blogs, right? I have a week of summer camp to get through next week, and then hopefully my son will be going to my in-law's the following week. Why is that a good thing? Well, I suffer from "mommy guilt", and am already dragging my 9 year old son to the barn for 3+ hours in the heat/humidity/dust/bees, then driving an hour to the "other barn" to teach for an hour +, then driving the hour back home. And next week will be even worse; get up at 5 am, go to dusty/hot/bee barn for 2 hours, drive hour to other barn, do camp for 5 hours, teach for an hour, drive an hour BACK to dusty/hot/bee barn for another hour+, then back home. His good humor starts to go away at that point, so my 4 legged love is getting a break right now. I have no plans to do more than maybe a light hack one evening with my bud Nicole, then a few light hacks the week my son goes to his grandparents, then 2 straight weeks of camp (the FINAL 2 weeks!), where the muffin will most likely not get much more than a hosing and a rinsing of apple cider vinegar. I'm figuring since standing in his stall causes him to be covered in sweat, so not working his tushy off in the 90+ degree weather doesn't bother him too much. Our HT is end of September, so I'm planning to ramp things up the last week in July, and stick with a 4-5 day a week riding plan with a bi-weekly lesson of some sort thrown in until we make our Poplar debut. After that, I will probably plan to try and do a schooling trial at Novice at Red Horse or Ashland stables before Christmas, and by that point, I will be doing my usual whining about how cold it is. Good thing I'm not trying to qualify for the Olympics, or something!;)

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