Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dressaging it ...

Had a really good ride today in the dressage tack.  Walked for about 7 minutes or so on a loose rein; did 20m circles both directions and focused on making sure his neck was bent correctly.  Picked up the contact, then trotted nice and forward right on the rail both directions.  Worked on FORWARD.  He actually felt GREAT:)  Shoulder in both ways, figure 8 at trot many, many times until he was absolutely steady in the contact and didn't get hollow once.  Lots of transitions, focusing on maintaining steady contact.  One beautiful, clean change from right to left, one awful, discombobulated half change from left to right.  Left the changes alone.  I just have this ... need/desire to get an "on command" lead change.  Maybe some professional help will help with that, I don't know.  Obviously, I suck at my timing, so I'm no good at changes.   Oh well, will stick to the things I AM good at.  

Planning to ride tomorrow instead of Friday; want to jump something, so I guess I will!  Not sure yet what I will set up, but hopefully it will be fun:)  Perfect Image Farm is my someday privately owned farm where I will do my eventing thing, and may or may not teach other people anything; depends on how rich I am;)

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