Monday, September 12, 2011

Nice and lovely ride today:)

Oh, the Muffin man was a rockstar today:)  Weather was JUST gorgeous, and I decided to ride in the dressage saddle because Susan MAY be borrowing it for a little bit while hers is in the "shop" for repairs.  He started out good; nice and free-feeling.  I opted to do my warm up on contact, so after walking both ways on a loose rein, picked up the contact at the walk.  Did a bunch of circles, and worked on maintaining the working walk.  After picking up the trot, I did the "thread the needle" exercise.  That consists of an 8m circle in the center of the short side, go straight along the long side, half turn in reverse, back to the 8m circle tracking the opposite direction, go straight along long side, half turn in reverse, etc. etc.  I just KEPT on going back and forth until Tiki softened up and maintained his steadiness at the trot.

I worked on an 8m circle to shoulder-in, and attempted a half pass.  I think I really butchered it, lol!  He was certainly willing, though:)  From that point on, I put him on a 20m circle and kept him there.  Dropped my stirrups and worked the transitions.  Worked HARD on maintaining the contact and keeping his neck nice and steady.  Kept both legs on evenly so his body stayed on "rails" in the circle.  Made sure the t/c transitions were perfect, then worked the w/c, and it was LOVELY.  Made sure to also work w/t so he didn't anticipate and get jiggy.  In the end, he was just super.  I felt great once we were done.

Hoping to get in a lesson this Wednesday from my wonderful boss.  I told her I want an equitation butt kicking, so as long as I can get hubby to relinquish the truck for a day I have something to look forward to!

Today's tip of the week is from ... ME:)  Y'all send me an e-mail at with YOUR tips/money saving tricks so that I don't reveal ALL my secrets:)  This one is a scratches remedy.  You know those nasty, hard scabs?  Slather them with cheap conditioner.  Leave on for about 15-20 minutes; you can even ride with it slathered on there.  Afterwards, pick off the scabs which are now super soft and come off easily.  Wash THOROUGHLY with anti-bacterial soap (I like the Eqyss MicroTek), then dry thoroughly.  Coat with medicated cream for scratches (dew poisioning), or with diaper rash cream.  The ugly, painful scabs should be gone within about a week.

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