Monday, September 5, 2011

Rain ... and tornados, oh my!

Goodness gracious, GA has not had rain in SO long, and now that we finally are getting it, getting tornados and bad weather too!  It's always eerie and a little bit scary when the weather sirens start going off.  Just got confirmation the barn I teach at is fine.  According to the weather map, a tornado passed by a little too close for comfort.  Glad I decided not to teach this afternoon!

Went out to clean stalls this morning, and picked Tiki's feet then applied some hoof dressing.  Going to try applying some hoof dressing 3 days a week and see if it helps his ultra dry-shoe losing- feet.  Didn't ride because the rain only paused for about 10 minutes, and last I checked, we don't have a covered ring:)  I'm SO excited!  For the FIRST time in 3 years, Tiki is wearing a size 1 shoe.  He started out in 00, moved to a permanent 0 in the front (sometimes a 00 in the back, depending on what's going on with the hind feet).  He's not surprisingly still a 0 behind, but he is in a 1 for the first time EVER up front.  

Will DEFINITELY  ride Wednesday, and will try to ride tomorrow depending on how soon the rain moves out.  Volunteering at the AEC's on Friday, woo hoo!  VERY excited about that:)  I'm sure the AEC's will be at the KHP before I'm able to actually compete in them, darn;)  Revising my plan a little bit ... will most likely try and hit a HT in Aiken next.  Haven't seen any 2012 schedules yet, but will try and aim for Feb/March.  Starting next month, my IEA shows will kick up with a vengence, which will net me some extra $$, but no time to show! I have time to show at the end of this month, just no $$ for the entry fees:(.  I wish horse trials were like hunter shows, where you just fax in your entries, then when you show up, you pay.  Much easier for people like me that tend to NEVER have any $$ when I need it.  But, it is what it is, and until I win the lottery, it will always be that way.

This week's Tip of the Week is brought to you by another reader, Holly!  Here is her tip:
My mom's Tennessee Walking Horse has a very thick, wavy, coarse tail. Although it's full and long (most of the time), he tends to swish it in a circular motion that creates the worst "rat's nest" in the center of it that is impossible to comb out. I have been known, in recent history, to cut out the entire center of his tail hair -- just below the bone -- and simply leave the outer wispies to swat flies with. Now that it's growing long and full again, I have been spraying it routinely with WD-40. Now don't panic......WD-40 is water-based silicone and scientific studies have even said that it is even safe to drink (not as a habit, but if you were dying of thirst). It has a horrible, scary odor, but it is actually not as industrial or toxic as it seems. So, it's perfectly safe to spray in a horse's tail hair. He doesn't chew his own tail, and none of my other horses chew his tail, so I go with that about once every 3-4 weeks and his "rat's nest" has stayed to a minimum. No cutting, no cursing, no combing, no brushing, etc. After I've slicked it up pretty good, his swishing and twirling of the tail sort of self-grooms and he's done great this summer. It sure beats the hackney pony bob he had last year!

Here is a link to Holly's blog:
Thank you SO much for contributing, I will certainly keep it in mind when I run out of Vetrolin Shine;)  If YOU have a tip/trick you would like me to publish, please let me know!  I am now out of reader tips, so will be back to my own brain next week unless YOU e-mail me at:

Thanks for reading, everyone!  Hope you had a great Labor Day, and I hope to report back later this week with a positive ride report:)

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