Friday, September 9, 2011

Giving back:)

Not necessarily trying to play the "blame game" here, but I don't get the opportunity to do things that don't "benefit" me very often.  For those of you that read my blog post a few months ago about my Poplar Place volunteer disaster, 'nuff said.

So today, I got to jump judge at the AEC's!  I swear, time FLIES when you're sitting by your fence, clipboard in hand and listening intently to the radio chatter.  Not gonna lie, I was a little bit disappointed to be relegated to the "back 40" this year.  Last year I got the water complex one day and the bank the next day, so to be in the back field sitting next to a simple rolltop, no brush/flowers/nothing ... it was a little bit disappointing.  On the bright side, out of Advanced/Intermediate/Prelim riders, not ONE penalty.  The quality of horse flesh is AMAZING out there!  Stoked about schooling at Chatt Hills next week; wish I could compete, but I have bigger fish to fry right now:)  I'll be happy with whatever I can get!  Got to see Allison and Arthur, Allison and Burger, Buck and Reggie, Becky and her gorgeous Comet look-alike, Doug Payne and Running Order ... it was COOL!  Sat in a saddle that I fell in LOVE with, and brought home T-shirts, a visor, water bottle, umbrella, and a schooling voucher!  Maybe some day I can compete in the AEC's.  That Training course looked like the BOMB!

Yesterday, I had a fantastic ride.  I put Tiki in the Waterford for the first time in forever.  He felt good; it isn't the "magic" bit it used to be, but I guess that's just Tiki learning to go in different equipment.  Our flatwork felt really nice; forward and bouncy and steady.  Turn on the forehand was PERFECT, leg yield was fantastic, and shoulder-in rocked my world.  Had the one stride turned into 2 tall crossrails with a placing pole right in between the 2 jumps.  Also set up a cavaletti in front of a normal vertical, making a funky looking oxer.  He never  even turned a hair at it:)  Worked on the usual; pace, rhythm ... one thing I am very good at is my track.  It's nice to have ONE thing I know I'm going to do a good job at without trying to micro manage my entire ride.  Worked on my eye and tried to make good decisions regarding waiting and moving up.  Only screwed up one or two distances; everything else he took right out of stride.

Hoping to make it over the Training trakehner at Chatt Hills next week.  The new sunken road obstacle would be cool to try, too.  In the end, I will be happy with anything we jump well regardless of size.  Will report back Monday after our ride.  Y'all have a great weekend and ENJOY this fabulous, cool weather!

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