Tuesday, February 7, 2012

And ... the jury is back!

(Jan 19, 2010)
My dressage trainer from across the street brought her adorable Arab over to ride in our ring this afternoon.  I allowed myself to be pressured persuaded into riding with her, so I decided to actually RIDE today.  The good news is I progressively feel better each day, and today I've been feeling fairly decent.  Tiki was MUDDIER today than he was yesterday!  I had to break out the shedding blade; Mr. Sensitive was NOT amused.

Tacked him in the dressage tack and took him up to the ring.  Walked on contact, then trotted on contact; FIRST time on contact since his splint injury.  He was so good, Susan and I were wondering why he was so amazing?  Then I finally put it together ... ADEQUAN!  Gave him his last loading dose last week.  So, I have to say that he LOVES his Adequan.  I would say he loves it more than he loved his hock injections last year.  Very awesome, that makes me super happy:)

He was so super soft and relaxed.  He took the reins from my hands and trotted with his nose on the ground.  I kept things pretty simple and straight forward.  I think I can start to kick it up a little on his part, but as for me I'm still trying to get well.  I don't need to get pneumonia or something; that would be bad!

Cantered for the first time since the injury.  He was amazing, beautiful, perfect, soft, and lovely.  Transition was so so, but that comes from having him tuned up, which he certainly is NOT right now.  Not sure what the rest of the week holds, but the goal is to sit on him every day:)

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