Tuesday, February 28, 2012

:) X 2

I had a GREAT ride on Tiki today.  After longeing him on Friday, he had the next 3 days off.  Today I decided to ride in the front pasture where I always used to ride him before the ring was finished.  I actually wanted to ride out there on Monday, but all the mares were out there.  Today, just Star was out there, and usually Star will leave us alone.

He was AWESOME:)  I think his little problem lately has been ring sourness.  He went forward, he was happy, he was soft and relaxed.  I trotted ALL over the pasture.  I went in straight lines, I circled, I went around the remnants of the old grass ring.  We did shoulder-in, transitions, and a LOVELY figure 8 at the canter.  We did fantastic work at the canter today; hand gallop to medium canter to collected canter, and back again.  He was so adjustable, so responsive, and SO good.  I ended with a counter-canter tracking left, then flying change back to the right lead.  I then did it the other way, and let him end there.  The lead changes were PERFECT!  Relaxed, quiet, and clean:)  He didn't rush, he didn't tense, he just changed his lead.  Woo hoo!

Super excited about the hunter pace on March 10.  I think me going at this point is pretty set in stone; Tiki NEEDS to go off property and have some fun.  Not sure I'll get to ride tomorrow; it's supposed to rain tonight.  We'll see what tomorrow brings!

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