Saturday, February 25, 2012


Day 1, fresh off the trailer

Longeing in December of '08
Longeing in February of '12

Happy birthday to me!  Yesterday was my 33rd birthday.  Those are SO not as exciting as they used to be:)  Hoping this is a great year; I'm ready to have one I can look back on and say, "THAT was an AWESOME year!"

Got Tiki out of the ring yesterday and longed him in the front pasture.  I like to let him navigate over the uneven terrain, especially now that I always boot him up from now on.  He was actually really good, and after one good swipe with the whip, he was going on pretty well.  There was JUST enough wet in the grass he slipped a little cantering, so there was lots of bucking going on, lol.  I rigged up the surcingle with a lead rope this time, but I didn't see much of a positive difference, so I probably won't worry about doing that any more.  The point is to get him to use his back end; same idea as the $200 Pessoa longeing rig.  Last time I felt like it did a GREAT job preventing him from cross cantering, but this time no dice.  He crosscantered almost the entire way tracking right.  To be fair, it WAS sort of slippery, but STILL!  He KILLS me the way he cross canters!  

Check out that skinny neck and disproportionate body!
Got my individual Regional kids tomorrow, then my team Regionals next Saturday.  Taking Star tomorrow, then Star and Sparky next week.  I'm sure I will ride this week:)

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  1. Happy Belated Bday!! Looking good in the recent lungeing pic.