Monday, June 18, 2012

Annndddd ... just kidding

Muffin in the trailer leaving MD for his new home in GA
Well, I thought maybe I was going to ride today, but the stars simply didn't align for me.

OK  I ranted, I raved, I said my piece.  Time to put it behind me and move on!

In the mean time, any ideas to re-boost a lesson program where ALL the elements are there except the clients?  I am GOOD at my job, we have a wonderful facility, wonderful horses, safe and comfortable tack, great location ... not sure why the sudden famine except for kids moving (3), kids on vacation the entire month of June (5), and families hit by a hard economy that had to cut something out.  I need some FRESH ideas!!!


  1. Summer camp at the barn?

    Keep your head up :)

    1. Thanks:) I am doing summer camp ... it has the lowest numbers so far to date in NINE YEARS:( I worked all last week driving an hour one way to the barn to do camp for two kids. It was pathetic. This is part of the famine as well:(

  2. You could advertise at some of the local schools, especially the ones without IEA programs, since those kids probably haven't heard about riding nearly as much.
    And maybe ask your current lesson kids to bring a friend out to ride in a lesson (discounted, if possible) so they can see what it's all about, and how much fun it is. :)

  3. Story of my life. When you find a cure, let me know. Sorry :/