Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This is that awful 3' oxer I had set in the covered that Tiki jumped WAY up over

See how AWFUL this approach is?  Stupid me!

I haven't really gotten involved in any of the discussions, but I'm excited the 'short list' is out for our eventers!  I think every rider on that list deserves it, regardless of the masses thinking MLM should have been left off.  EXPERIENCE, people!  I know she doesn't have much eventing experience, but she has tons of GP showjumping experience.  Regardless of who is chosen to ride for the 'Team', I will watch the OG with avid interest:)

Haven't sat on Muffin since the HT.  He got ridden by the kidlets last Saturday, and this week is my first week of camp, so not planning on riding before next week.  I think I may actually hack him 3 times next week and keep him legged up.  His neck is shrinking and that doesn't make me happy!!  Must. Keep. Topline.

I've decided not to obsess and worry over HEIGHT any more.  At all.  I am going to vanquish the butterflies that appear at a stout 2'6, and just focus on pace, rhythm, and good eq.  Our next outing?  I am not going to psych myself out about worrying about the size of the jump.  I am going to trust that Muffin is now a machine, not take ANY jump for granted, and let him rock it out:)

Sorry the blog has been quiet, my butt hasn't been on a horse in 2 weeks!!


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  2. OMG, your last paragraph is so what I need to do. I psych myself out when the heights go up and start riding backwards, losing my pace....gotta stay forward and GALLOP! Keep up the good work!