Thursday, June 21, 2012

My most FAVORITE pair of shoes!

2 years ago exactly; Jeff Cook clinic

We all have them.  That pair of shoes that make you sigh with happiness as you slip them on your feet.  Yesterday, I swung a leg over my boy and it was BETTER than sliding my feet into those fave sneakers.  For not doing anything in almost a month, he was fantastic!  Rode with honorary little sis fairly early in the morning before the sun began to bake us to a crisp and was pleasantly surprised by the nice fluffy arena:)  I had Muffin outfitted in his dressage tack, and he and Spark Plug spent round abouts 10 minutes moseying along on a long rein while little sis and I yapped a wee bit:)

He had a teeny tiny moment when I first picked up the trot where he kicked up his feet in a slightly rebellious cow kick sort of movement, but that was really all the 'tude I got.  Our trot work was pretty good; it was forward and soft.   He fought me a little bit in the beginning and tried to get above the bit but settled pretty nicely into the contact.  I did a lot of suppling down the long side, doing the shallow serpentine where we changed bend twice in a shallow S-shape.  He really wrapped around my leg and seemed to enjoy the work.  I gradually changed that to leg yield off the rail to the quarter line, back to the rail off the opposite leg yield; he was REALLY good doing that!  Did a few shoulder ins at the walk and trot, then a little bit of canter.

OK, if I'm being honest, he tried to yank my arms out at the canter lol!  It was to be expected, truthfully.  I kept him on a 20m circle for the most part and did my best to actually sit my rear down in the saddle and attempt to slow him down a little bit.  He did come back to me after a small arm wrestling match and he ended on a great note.

It was just the boost I needed, and gave me back some of the motivation I'd been lacking.  I will get up early tomorrow morning and ride again and will PLAN to keep a twice weekly riding schedule through these dog days of summer.  Probably won't jump him for another week or 2; it's ALL about improving that dressage score, baby!

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