Thursday, January 29, 2009

Darn :(

Well, if previous days have been "two step forward" days, today was definitely a "one step back day". It's so weird, who knows what causes the "bad" days when the "good" ones have been so plentiful! It was a little chilly, but not horribly. I used the same equipment I used Tuesday, and I even longed him today! It seems as though every time I have lofty goals for the day (I set up a little crossrail today to try him over), he shoots them down.

The only piece of equipment I left off today was the ear bonnet. Obviously, the ear bonnet really helped that spookiness. Every time a vehicle drove by, he would buck. We couldn't find any bend, any consistency of pace, or any impulsion. I kept dropping back to the walk, and he was better at the walk. Would go back to trot, and just more and more counter bent/rushing/not really spooking, but also not quiet pace.

I said the heck with it, and hopped over the crossrail anyway. He was good. I think the little, simple jumps will be good for us; I do worry about the big, spooky brush box/gate type jumps. Oh well, I'll stress about those when we're ready to jump them! Didn't canter on the flat; only cantered after he landed off the jump. No cross canter, no bucks. I'll take my victories where I can get them, but I did end the ride a little disappointed. Maybe tomorrow will be better!


  1. Horses keep us humble, eh? Funny about the ear net.
    Thanks for the great, well rounded response on the martingales. I know so little about what english equipment goes with what. The facility teaches and shows h/j and dressage, so that explains why I don't see the running martingales around. I appreciate the insight.

  2. Have you palpated him for any soreness? Any reason to suspect ulcers?

  3. I treated him for ulcers, and now have him on U Guard every day. He is very sensitive and touchy. He gets a little better about that the more I love on him and groom him; our equine massage therapist rubbed a muscle on him and nearly got kicked! I'm hoping he'll be ready for a massage once the weather warms up a little bit.